Hi Steve, Dave, Dani!

I've started getting this web page up and running, let me know if there are any errors or if there's anything (reasonable) you'd like me to do.

Here we go:

Here are the results of the testing strategies of the local version of BLAST. This is where most of the NEW work will be located!

Here are the 8 pages of the Arabidopsis BAC search I did:

Here's a listing of the BLAST results I have so far from the Arabidopsis BAC's:

Here's a link to NCBI.

Here's a link to BLAST (main page).

Here's a link to BLAST.

Here's a link to GAPPED BLAST

Here's a link to PSI-BLAST.

Here's a little UNIX command list that I came up with.

Here's a pretty good UNIX for newbies site at Univ of Idaho.

Here's some documentation from the Theory Center on the SP.

Send comments to alm13@cornell.edu

Last modified on: Thursday, January 22, 1998.