SYNTOM Meeting Notes - ALM - July 12, 1999



Last Time: (7/8/99)







Clone Synonyms










These tables have all been added to the SynTom project on Scylla.  I hope to append the schema builder layout to this document as word doesn't print it very well.


If anyone has a decent graphics program for NT, please let me know, I'm getting frustrated with the visual tools I have to play with now.


Some notes -- I made every VARCHAR = VARCHAR(256), why?  Well, because it was easier than attempting to figure out how long each field should be.


 I ran into some errors that I don't fully understand --


In this example I was trying to link Taxon_Id from the Deleted_Nodes table to Taxon_Id in the Taxa table, and I got a slew of error messages.


Which, BTW, is why some of the lines connecting the tables aren't shown…..


I've updated the table permissions to give full access  to users Matthew and Schneid.  I didn't see anyone else there listed as users. 







I think last week's format for the meeting (i.e. working off the board instead of these handouts) was very productive, so I'd like to continue in that manner.


I'd like to talk about:


·         Data input - CGI?

·         The Sequences table -- we're not done, we need to add quality.

·         BLAST results

·         Contigs

·         Other tables we may have missed?


Things we still need to talk about:


·         Mapping

·         Expression

·         Theresa's tables

·         The day-to-day roles that SynTom plays as a laboratory information system and as a WWW based database