Sami's Sequences


This sequence didn't appear to be similar to anything in the database (except of course the CT259 sequence from Martin Ganal) until I tried blastx which translates your sequence and searches against a protein database. Using that method, I found significant similarity to a predicted glycosyl hydrolase from Arabidopsis. That sequence is actually on the top arm of chromosome IV from Arabidopsis -- BAC F5J6.


This short sequence finds no similarity in the nt database, and it only finds itself in the dbEST database. CT97 has no matches in the database.


This doesn't find anything in the databases.

I'm going to add your sequences to the database and to my contigs. When I'm done I'll do this all again and give you similar output, OK?

Andreas Matern
Last modified: Sat Apr 17 12:23:12 EDT 1999