Smashed Tomatoes

Here's some information for all those members of Smashed Tomatoes and their legions of adoring fans:

Where do we play? Cass Park: Here's a map

How often do we play? About once a week, once we get a schedule I'll post it here.

The Smashed Tomatoes Schedule
Date Time Opponent Score
us    them
June 510:00Nor-easters00

Who's on the team? Well, so far we know of two people who are definately playing:

The Smashed Tomatoes Roster
Name Position Goals Scored Phone Number E-mail
Jason Palter Forward none yet 277-YULP
Andreas Matern Defense none yet 277-YULP

There's plenty of space for you....

A possible team song?

We'll be updating soon....

Andreas Matern
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